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Part 2…Your Doctor May Be Missing Your Thyroid Problem

Dr. Chris Napoli of discusses the often-missed blood tests needed to accurately diagnose your thyroid problem and how it can be addressed naturally. Don’t get tested till you see this! For More info, go to, and like Dr. Christopher Napoli on Facebook!

Your Doctor May Be Missing Your Thyroid Problem… Part 1

Dr. Christopher Napoli, from discusses how symptoms of fatigue, depression, sensitivity to cold, high cholesterol, losing hair, poor circulation, aches and pains, brain fog and more are very often caused by low thyroid. Most doctors don’t order the proper lab tests to accurately diagnose the problem, leading to misdiagnosis and needless suffering. Learn how to recognize the symptoms, what tests you need, and what can be done about it! Learn more at and like us on facebook.

Stop Nausea, Motion Sickness Fast, With Ginger

Dr. Christopher Napoli, from, discusses how to prevent and stop nausea fast using Ginger. Studies show it works for seasickness, motion sickness, post-surgical nausea, even morning sickness. Learn how and when to take it, and which forms work best. For more information go to Like us on facebook for inside, up-to-the-minute health tips!

Fluoride Lowers Thyroid Function, I.Q. and Bone Strength…But Not Cavities!

Dr. Chris Napoli from discusses the dangers of fluoride in your water supply and toothpaste. Studies show how this toxic non-essential mineral suppresses thyroid function, lowers I.Q in children, increases hip fracture rates in the elderly, while not lowering cavity rates. Learn how to swap fluoride for healthy alternatives. To learn more go to

Curcumin Reduces Risk of HPV-Related Cervical Cancer

75% of all cervical cancers are related to HPV infections, and the CDC estimates 75-80% of sexually active people will contract an infection. Learn how Curcumin significantly cuts your risk of developing cervical cancer.

Re-usable Grocery Bags Linked to Deadly Food-borne Illnesses

Dr. Napoli discusses a new study that links re-usable supermarket grocery bags with a dramatic rise in hospital admissions for e. coli and salmonella. They’ve even led to a 46% increase in deaths from food borne illnesses. Here’s how to safely use them to avoid getting you or your family sick!

Type 2 Diabetes…What it is and how to fix it

Type 2 diabetes is becoming a national epidemic. Dr. Napoli, explains what type 2 diabetes is, how to prevent it and even reverse it. It’s all possible with some very practical changes in diet and lifestyle. And it’s not nearly as difficult as you may think.

Reduce cancer risk by balancing estrogen levels…naturally!

Most American women suffer with an estrogen imbalance, leading to increased risk of many cancers such as breast, ovarian, uterine, and cervical cancer. Learn how to test your levels and what to do to balance them naturally in just 60 days.

Prevent life-threatening side effects of cholesterol lowering meds

Cholesterol lowering statin drugs can cause potentially life-threatening side effects. They can start without you knowing it, and the risk increases the longer you take them. Learn how to prevent them by taking the proper form and dose of CoQ-10.

Magnesium can stop painful night time leg cramps (charlie horse)

Many suffer from painful leg, foot, or hand cramping, especially at night. Sometimes called a “charlie horse” these painful spasms can indicate a dangerous mineral deficiency that may affect up to 80% of Americans, and has been linked with sudden death heart attacks, arrhythmia, and palpitations. Learn the fast and easy way to fix it!

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