Nutritional Counseling

An initial nutritional counseling session with Dr. Napoli usually takes 45 minutes to an hour. This can be done in the office, by telephone or, in the very near future, by Internet webcam. (For a detailed description of the first visit please see our about us page)

Prior to scheduling your first session you will be sent a comprehensive questionnaire, which can be mailed, faxed or emailed, to you.

We also ask that, in addition, you keep a three-day food diary. Please write down everything that you eat, and don’t make changes to your normal diet. This is for informational purposes only. No one will ever make a judgment or embarrass you about any of it. The doctor has seen it all, so nothing could possibly shock him. This only serves to show him where you are now and where we need to go regarding your diet.

When completed you can return the forms to us by fax (718.967.0300), mail or scan and email (

Once we receive both we will contact you to schedule the most convenient appointment for you. After the initial consult, Dr. Napoli will schedule a follow-up appointment. This is when you will be presented with your Personal Action Plan. It will be presented to you in writing and usually consists of health and lifestyle recommendations, a customized meal plan, and personalized supplement recommendations. The doctor will explain and talk through every point so that you fully understand the plan.

Once the plan is launched, follow-ups will be scheduled at a frequency agreed upon between you and Dr. Napoli. Depending on your goals, issues or concerns, the need for follow-ups will vary from person to person.


Initial consultation (45 minutes-1 hour) $ 155.00
Subsequent follow-ups (30 minutes) $ 75.00
Specialized Lab testing price varies, please see note below*

If you have a quick question between visits you can contact Dr. Napoli by phone or email. There is no charge for this.

If your problem is more complex requiring a change in your plan or additional assessment, a fee will apply. (In this case it is usually best to simply schedule a follow-up appointment).

Regretfully, there will be a $ 55.00 charge for missed initial consults that have not been cancelled 24 hours prior to the appointment.

Due to the fact that most insurance companies do not reimburse for comprehensive nutritional consultations, we do not accept insurance. If your coverage is an exception, you must pay at time of service and submit your invoice to them for reimbursement directly to you.

*Please note: Dr. Napoli does not “mark-up” or add any fees to lab tests. Any price quoted reflects the exact cost of the test. When possible, fees will be paid by the patient directly to the lab.

Many practitioners add fees to get reimbursed for time spent reading and interpreting lab results. While this is completely ethical, Dr. Napoli chooses not to do this at this time.